Rotech pumps & Systems Inc is committed to supply its products with highest quality across all customers. We are pledged to improve the quality of the products that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers as per international standards

We Value an opportunity:

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Application Review:

We listen clients’ requirement with open discussions, possible site visits and analysis of existing site condition to establish a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs, expectations and to formulate a clear project requirement. Our clients get precisely what they need. Nothing more or less.

Design & Engineering Support

Rotech will review if the clients requirement requires any design & engineering review of our products. Our detailed pumps or other products design submittals include overall functionality of Rotech Products, General Arrangement drawings.. We use our experience to propose innovative solutions to reduce clients’ operational costs and provide benefits to customers.


Rotech will review if Rotech’s existing products can be used for customers requirement. If not, then Rotech will review if it can further modify to meet customers requirement.


Over more than 17 years, Rotech Pumps has been committed to manufacturing superior quality products to strict standards. We perform all fabrication and performance testing in a factory-controlled environment, which is subject to workplace safety and quality audits, ensuring pumps and other products are built to exacting specifications.

Equipment Startup & Training

We provide our clients with the opportunity to witness the factory acceptance testing and performance checks under the supervision of our project management personnel. Once the equipment has arrived and been installed at the job site, our service team will provide on-site training for the client’s maintenance personnel and discuss preventative maintenance procedures.

Ongoing Service & Technical Support

Our entire team from sales, project management, production and service personnel is available to assist clients with ongoing service of equipment we supplied and Technical support of our products.

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